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Finding the authentic Indian Taste has become troublesome within India, off late. Finding it in the land down under, might come as a surprise – but Royal Crown Indian, an Indian restaurant, is the ultimate destination for Authentic Indian Food in Innaloo and Subiaco – Western Australia. Reviewed as one of the best Indian restaurants in authentic Indian food and various Pakistani delicacies – we have maintained the traditional cooking methods and ingredients to provide the same taste we grew up with, back home.

Starting out with a humble establishment, Royal Crown Indian has grown exponentially and is now one of the most renowned Indian restaurants in Perth. Serving everything from south Indian, to Punjabi, Gujarati, and all the major aspects of the big-fat-Indian cuisine, Royal Crown Indian strives at maintaining not just the cooking methods but also the authentic Indian Taste.

Apart from the rooted-to-home-interiors, Royal Crown Indian has also been recognized as the most popular Indian alfresco restaurant, where the arrangement is done in such a way, so as to allow you to indulge in peaceful conversations, as well as experience hints of the buzzing street activities. The ambience, both inside and outside, is inspired from the ethnic, traditional and a hint of contemporary influence. We believe that not just our food, but our walls, table and every aspect should speak of our home land and the source to our passion for fine taste and quality services.

There are various Indian restaurants in Innaloo and Subiaco, recently specially, a lot of new establishments have emerged in the localities and hence, the decision to pick the truly authentic Indian fine dines, becomes difficult. We ensure excellent health, quality and serving standards and provide the best packages for birth day bookings and parties.

What makes us the best Indian restaurants in authentic Indian food are our business ethics, reasonable menu rates, quick services and additional services, like take away, special packages, festival offers, etc. To ensure complete authenticity, we train our crew and staff personally and only then put them in charge of their services. Indian cuisine is a diverse one, with a heterogeneous past of great conquests, valiant warrior stories, accounts of victory and loss – this is exactly why, it is so rich in variety, variations and increasing in popularity in Innaloo, Subiaco and nearby areas. Not only the Indians in Australia, but also the localites have begun to appreciate and look out for Indian restaurants in their vicinity.

We see our dream, of serving authentic Indian food to its patrons, as well as offering newer people the taste of our home l and flavor.

Come to savor the passionately cooked and heartily served Indian taste at Royal Crown Indian, the best Indian restaurant in authentic Indian food and also enjoy our special Indian thalis, the one-of-its-kind, Indian alfresco restaurant and more than all that meets the eye – the warmth from our land back home.

Lunch: Monday to Friday (11.30 am to 2.30 pm)
Dinner: 7 Days (5.30 pm to 9.30 pm)

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