Indian Takeaway

After meeting the choices and expectations of thousands of Indian – food patrons, in Australia, Royal Crown Indian has a new Indian takeaway scheme – where we provide the same authentic taste from our homeland to our kitchens and your homes, here in Perth.

Food with no MSG and minimal artificial flavorings – to make sure that our love and passion reaches fresh to your dining tables. We not only provide on the spot takeaways but also have the best online takeaway Perth scheme – where we need your area code on our website, your choice of food and it is delivered to your door step, with special discounts on Indian Festivals. Making our way to the best takeaway restaurant in Perth, we maintain the same quality, standards and taste and pack it with equal care and warmth.

Spices have always been the nucleus of Indian cooking practices, where the original taste and flavors come from special recipes from the households of our small village paradises. Here at Royal Crown Indian, we strive and have been successful in creating the same eating experience in our Indian fine dine restaurant and by making this online take away Perth facility, available to our clients living in Perth and nearby, has helped us meet the needs of those who cannot drive down, who prefer eating in the comfort of their homes and who still seek an authentic Indian takeaway.

Our easily accessible online takeaway menu is listed with major online take away portals and topping most charts of takeaway restaurants. It covers all the dishes that we serve at the restaurant. From the succulent halaal meat dishes, to juicy chicken, spicy curries, supple naan and paneer items, the colorful south indian menu and the rich taste from the north. The experience is packed into little yellow boxes and sent as delights to your homes, and families.

We are proud to be serving this authentic eating experience to not only Indians living in Perth but also the localities and majority of Indian dining patrons living across the city. So many years of bringing the taste from our homes, the amalgamation of our diverse culture, our colorful history and the vast variety of influences and people – make our food culture.

So look forward to the best Indian takeaway at our online takeaway Perth facility, and enjoy the best of the takeaway restaurant facility, to indulge into the toothsome flavors – straight from the Indian kitchen!

Lunch: Monday to Friday (11.30 am to 2.30 pm)
Dinner: 7 Days (5.30 pm to 9.30 pm)

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